Led Photo Therapy

LED Masque is a device that emits light of various wavelengths in order to stimulate or activate different responses within the skin. As the light varies in wavelength, so does the colour of the light emitted change accordingly to the specific wavelength used. Typical colours used may include green, red and blue.

The combination of LED light technology alongside in-clinic protocols, helps to focus on specific concerns. The LED Masque offers skin rejuvenation and increases fibroblast activity. This increase in fibroblast activity helps to improve collagen production by 12% and elastin production by 40% within 30 days of treatment application.

LED Masque will also provide more effective results with repeated use alongside treatment protocols.  An increase in collagen production and the improvement of the body’s natural rejuvenation process is noted, this results in a youthful more radiant complexion. This masque offers an immediate glow without any downtime. Excellent add-on to your skin treatment for deeper stimulation & longer lasting results.

What does LED Photo Therapy Mask treat?
* stimulates collagen & elastin production
* anti-ageing
* fine lines & wrinkles
* firming
* acne
* hyper-pigmentation
* sensitivity & inflammation
* healing and skin repair
* dehydration
* rejuvenates all skin types and colours
How many treatments do I need?
LED Mask can be added on to your monthly skin care treatment or as a stand-alone treatment with a course of 10 sessions, twice per week. This treatment can also be used post-aesthetic procedures to speed up recovery, heal the skin and reduce downtime or bruising.